Jindal Specialty


Jindal Specialty

We, here at JINDAL SPECIALTY TEXTILES LTD. are quality producers of PVC Flex Sheets & Tarpaulins. Accounting with the best production machines and for the first time in India , Collaborating with the latest Korean and German Technologies, the best in the world, We produce the best material of its type prevailing in market and at best of Price Quoted.

With finest of printing Quality, Tear Strength, tensile strength, water proofing, glossy, Shine and matt ability, we are sure to pioneer the Indian Market and make our presence sound in foreign Markets as well. We are a Quality product oriented company with the motto to deliver ‘THE FINEST OF MATERIAL’ in offering with the latest technology and the best of Research on the product to be delivered. With the latest machinery and Tools for Production and R&D, we aim to achieve the best in terms of Quality and at minimal of Price offering.

We have an in house production set up of Fabric with the latest of machinery plus the technology. We ought to attain our product with highest of tear strength and by using best of yarn for it. For the first time in India, we have fully automated Calendar and Laminator machinery with self made fabric in order to maintain the quality & vulnerability of our product.

With a well built and fully equipped laboratory we ought to give the finest of material to our consumers and try to improve on the quality by our side by side Research in the same field for the quality of product to match with demand of End users. We are always welcome for suggestions when it comes to the quality of the product. Also, we have a highly skilled and knowledgeable Quality staff in order to check that the Packing and the quality of material given in market is highest of quality and does not has any of complaints for the end user.

We have a variety of sizes and types of PVC Flex sheet in offering depending on market orders from minimum of 0.76 meters to a maximum of 3.2 meters. With a highly skilled production line up, we ensure that the quality of product being produced is at best of its credibility and Quality Quotient is at PAR with the standards our R&D staff sets.